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Hello and let me explain the situation…

My name is Brian Anthony Civic and my disks in my spine are dying according to Dr. Richard Rafferty of the Disk Institute of Pittsburgh LLC., a well respected physician in this area of specialty. His team of doctors and engineers have developed their own breakthrough treatment called “Intradisk Neutrosis”. It is a newly designed piece of equipment that has perfectly calculated the exact distance of a continuous back-and-forth motion that the patient needs to heal his or her own spinal disks in order to put the pumping action back in your disks.

Your disks operate like a sponge and they take water in and expel waste water out. Well…I have lost that “pumping action” in mine.

I have almost run out of time and options to secure the necessary funds for the Institute’s twelve week program. The session lasts for an hour and the patient must ride the machine for four hours a week for twelve weeks. No medical insurance will pay for this treatment as they are taken out of the equation after all deductions. So the patient is left with the responsibility of payment up front which is $7450.

I am in extreme pain in my legs and arms and I have lost all hope while completing my due-diligence. In order to reach this point in the process to secure funding, this is my last gasp of an attempt to save my body from being permanently disabled.

I am asking for your kind donation to my account in whatever amount you can give and I will be forever grateful. Once I reach the desired amount of $7450. that the Disk Institute requires, I will post notice that my goal has been met and I will shut down this account.

I have been dealing with this issue for several years and I hope to announce that I have finally reached the finish line after jumping through many hoops and hurdles. Once again, please give as I am in my last desperate hour.

Thank you very much.

Brian Anthony Civic