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My name is ivan, we have a ice cream shop located near by the miami FIU. In the middle of the construction, my business partner just left and leave all the mess to me, and put me on a very dangerous situation. I need the fund to continue the process of the construction expense which allow me to open up my store. The fund will be use to pay to my rent, equipment, and also the construction cost which include all the material for construction needs. I would like to have funds as soon as i can, because my rent due date is November 1st.

This support means a lot for me, because if i do not continue the work and make this store open up, i will definitely become bankruptcy. I have all my credit card and cash flow put into the store already. I, myself think that this is a very nice location and i have my business plan for the future operation, belive that we can make this business success for sure.

If you are kind and want to help me out from bankruptcy, that will be a very appreciated. All member’s few dollars mean a life save for me .