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My name is Clive Atkins and founder of Western Cause.  During my Kenyan visit in May 2018, I was moved to tears at the sight of a small building in a village. A mud hut, used by the church’s primary school as a kindergarten. The building had unglazed windows and no proper door, so no items of value is kept in there. But more worrying than that is the bare mud floor, which harbours insects that feed on the blood drawn from the children’s feet.
The condition of the kindergarten building was challenging to say the least.

The church is will to implement a building project as soon as funding is found. A proper brick building can cost £3,500 to £4,000

You can help provide better classrooms for these children. We believe that we can do this by the start of the 2019 school term.

Please donate now and make this possible.

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