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My name is Shinna Alexander and I am the CEO of Natural Strands LLC, specializing in natural hair.  I am looking to raise $40,000.00 to help improve the Natural Strands experience.  We take pride in the Natural Strands Experience, as this all starts with a warm welcome you receive upon walking into our facility, along with the loving hands that understands the importance of customer satisfaction.  With your help we plan to improve our training and systems allowing each stylist to acheive superior quality, while treating each customer like the king and/or queen they truly are.   

This is important to me because each customer is more than a product they are an extension of my family and nothing matters more than seeing a lasting smile on a family members face.   

Your donation will go towards purchasing a comfortable and inviting building while expanding the Natural Strands franchise and brand, all the while allowing our gifted hands to reach customers in many different area.   We will be purchasing all products needed to accomplish and protect each style achieved at Natural Strands.  As a token of my appreciation, I will provide a Natural Strands Experience Gift Set to all those that help us reach our goal.

Thank you all for you ever loving support!!!!

Shinna Alexander