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Hello. My name is Mitchell! I’ve recently graduated Culinary School and was hoping I could work towards owning my own food truck with the help of a bank loan. Well I’ve run into multiple walls with multiple banks by not being able to secure a loan. I’ve even tried payday loans (which I know are bad), but they just aren’t willing to lend what I need!

So, before I decide give up! I wanted to give this a try...

The name of my food truck is “Break-Fast” and the tag line/slogan is “Where Champions Eat!” We’d sell Breakfast and Brunch starting at 12am til 1pm Tues-Sun.

Selling items like:

Chicken and Waffles
Steak and Eggs (Not that cheap Waffle House steak haha)
Biscuits & Gravy Casserole
Cinnamon Roll French Toast
Red Velvet Pancakes and Crepes

and so much more...

I had a dream of going to Culinary School and that dream came true when I graduated. Now I’m ready to make my mark and let the city of Birmingham and surrounding areas know that I’m Chef Mitchell and I’m here to take over!

Thanks in in advance for the Donations and Shares. Love you all!!!


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