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I am the Mom to my 8 1/2 year old Boston Terrier, Wasabi, and we live in Pennsylvania

I’ve never before asked for any kind of help for anything as both myself and my husband receive Social Security,
my husband receives a modest pension and I work a few hours weekly, so we’re comfortable enough to make it month to month.

However, we’ve run into quite a dilemma with my little guy pictured below.

He has always had skin allergies and receives shots approximately every 4 months from his Vets which has
cleared up his skin. However, he started getting a reoccurring bacterial middle/lower ear infection and yeast
in his left ear that I noticed from his increasing head tilt, scratching and yelping. After many months and
well over $2,000 of trying different kinds of specialized foods, tests, x-rays, a variety of cleansers, drops and pills, including Steroids, it only continues to worsen and he is in constant discomfort. I couldn’t stand to see him like this, so I decided to take him to an Allergy/Ear Specialist, which we recently did. The Dr. performed a Video Otoscopy and I was shocked at all the pus deep down in his ear canal. The prognosis was not good. His left ear canal is
smaller than his right and the Dr. suspects his ear drum is gone. He said he could perform an Endoscopy
( Approximately $1.500 ) but would need him to first have a CT Scan ( Approximately $2,000 from a recommended Surgeon as he doesn’t do surgery ) to determine the amount of bone damage of his bulla/middle ear/inner ear. Depending on the results of the Scan, after the Surgeon’s required Consultation ( $180 ), he suspects a surgery
called a Total Ear Canal Ablation ( Approximately $3,500 ) would be the best route. This all comes to $7,000.
If he doesn’t have these procedures, the Dr. said eventually it would work its’ way into his brain and
cause neurological problems. At that point, I would have no choice but to do the inevitable, which I can’t
even face as he should have at-least 5 good years left yet as everything else with him is good from his routine
check-ups. I told the Dr. that this all seemed undoable and would have to have a family discussion.
I even called a hospital in Roanoke, VA that does discounted surgeries, but they don’t perform
the type that he needs. They suggested I ask for help, which is what brought about this letter. He has a
follow-up visit in 2 weeks where the Dr. would like to know what our decision is as the longer it goes on,
the worse it will become.

My family and I obviously discussed this at length and as Senior Citizens at age 67, we just can’t afford to
take on this type of debt.

I do have documentation for all of this and am asking if there’s any type of help available out there for this
sweet mannered, well behaved little boy?

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