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Bono’s Road to Beat Wobblers Disease!

Bono was diagnosed this week with Wobblers which is a disease of the cervical spine that affects Bono’s ability to get up, walk, go to the bathroom, and causes him increasing pain. ☹️

Medical costs for Bono to cure his Wobblers Disease amounts to: $4,475.00

$1,450.00 for GOLDIC
$2,000.00 for injections
$1,025.00 includes exam,EKG, blood tests, pain meds and safety harness.

The Arthrogen Goldic Treatment consists of 4 injections administered weekly, that mixes his blood with Goldic for accelerated stem cell regeneration.
If we do not raise funds for his treatment Bono will become paralyzed, and he will need to be euthanized soon.

I want my baby to have a long healthy life, so we are trying to raise money to give him the Goldic treatment which can give him the life that he deserves!
Bono is my world and I would appreciate any donation that can help us reach our goal to pay for most of his treatment and medical expenses.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. We love, and are grateful for anyone willing to help my sweet Bono in his challenging fight against Wobbler’s disease!

Would you please help me save my sweet boy, Bono?
If you can’t make a monetary contribution, please “give” by spreading the word and sharing this to your FB page and with your friends.

Bono the Doberman and mom, Marilyn Ann Grutzius
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