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On Monday, October 2nd, my daughter Brianna had a terrible fire in her apartment. Almost everything she owned was destroyed. All of her furniture, appliances, electronics, and most of her clothes and personal items are gone. Worse still, she suffered 3rd degree burns down both legs and 2nd degree burns on her face. In addition to the pain and suffering, this means she also cannot work.We’re asking 3 things from everyone who sees this:Prayers for a quick and complete healing.Any financial help you can give. Every dollar helps and the more people that give, the more the giving adds up.And, please like and share. And if you see this posted on Facebook by someone you know and trust, even though you don’t know us, please consider helping out.We also make this pledge, that any money raised above her needs will go to charity.Thanks for your time reading this, sharing it, and for your prayers