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Best Desk PC – Stylish Affordable Kickstarter Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Purchasing a top quality Desk PC can be very expensive and also require some expert knowledge when setting up. What if it did not have to cost £1000’s?

We aim to produce high specification Desk PC’s whilst still being affordable and stylish. Think of all the room you will save not having a large noisy case taking up so much room.

Using a variety of materials such as wood, glass & carbon fibre we can evolve the common PC system into a 21st century marvel. Our designs ensure that you fit comfortably under the desk whilst keeping the system at an efficient cool level (even when overclocking). Unlike traditional PC cases your components are not crowded into a solid metal compartment reaching extreme temperatures. Instead it is encased within the desk where it is cool and airy.

With your funds we will be able to purchase the necessary equipment and materials required to mass produce a large number of PC Desk Systems at an affordable price.

Looking to the future we hope to become the leading manufacturer of affordable Premium High Specification Desk PC’s. We will ensure that we will take all necessary steps to complete our obligations in full by the outlined time scale.

We really do hope you enjoyed reading about our exciting new product line and would like to thank you for your time.

We will be keeping all members fully up to date with our progress.

Please check back again later for more information…