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Hi I’m Britt. I’m 27 and was formally really healthy until about 2014. I hit a bump in the road when I suffered a massive brain infection that has forever changed my life.

To make a long story short after the infection my neurological system has been completely out of whack. I can no longer work because of it and I was denied disability. (I tried to return to work only to have my condition worsen causing several issues making it impossible to continue)

I have not been paid since summer of 2016, I have made what money I had last as long as possible all funds were used for bills and food. I am officially getting calls from all my creditors every single day and I am at risk of losing my house. I can’t even afford medication anymore and am struggling to keep food in the fridge.

I am still “employed” by my company but they are unable and unwilling to help in anyway financially- and because I am not well enough to return to work I have 0 income coming in. On top of all of this my fiancé was laid off.

I just need enough to get by, right now we are capped on our over draft and are about to start having bills become cut off. My house is for sale which I am fine with because it has to be done- I don’t have a choice.

But anything at this point helps. I was also diagnosed with endometriosis and had surgery in August, we suspect it has returned and the specialist will also be investigating to see if it has reached my lung- I am waiting to get back in with my surgeon. It causes me unbearable pain not only in my abdomen but under my ribs and in my back.

(surgery day)

I am still undergoing investigation on root cause of neurological issues and have seen my doctor over 30 times in the past year alone. That is not including any specialists – I suffer chronic pain, visual disturbances, numbness and what feels like mini strokes.

My MRI as of dec11 2016 is still showing an area of gliosis on the left side of my brain. (My 2014 MRI showed 3 large areas of inflammation- I was in isolation in the hospital for 5 days – anyone who came in or out had to wear a mask just to see me). I spent New Year’s 2017 in the ER because it felt like I was having a stroke everything was numb and I felt really strange.

It makes me want to cry thinking about it but I can’t do anything I used to. I haven’t been able to snowboard since the infection or even clean the house. The only plus side to my fiancé becoming laid off is he is able to help me around the house. I become exhausted over nothing, anything and everything and have to take several breaks just to get a task done. My memory is horrible now and in any dark room it looks like flashing lights.

I was on my way to a career in management and had a very bright future ahead of me. It has all been taken away over something out of my control. CPP also denied my claim for assistance due to no root cause diagnosis of prolonged damage from infection.

I tried for welfare they said no because my fiancé has EI even though it doesn’t even cover a fraction of our bills. (Not even by a long shot). I can’t get EI because I am technically still employed and I used the 15 weeks allowable EI sickness- I have exhausted every single option.

I have sold everything possible that I could and now I am asking for a miracle. Any help even just a little bit is a huge help to me.

I want to one day be able to help others because I know firsthand how much it sucks to go from your dream life to everything being taken away. I don’t know how but I will find a way to help others in return. Please help me now when I need it most so one day I can return the favor to someone else in need- also feel free to contact me direct if you have any questions at all.

God please bless me indeed,
Give me your hand and protect me from evil, so I can do no harm
please expand my territory in this time of need