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Hi, everyone!

My name is Nicolas, and I’m a professional videographer. I`m shooting sports events for 7 years. My main specialization is football. At the last time, I receive many orders for shooting amateurs football, basketball, and even hockey tournaments. But I understand, that it’s too expensive to invite videographer to shooting sports games. And 2 years ago I started to find a solution, which will make shooting available to everyone!

And now I found a solution that everyone can afford! For shooting is no longer needed a videographer! Now it’s enough to install a camera with a wide angle lens before the game starts, and after to process the video with a computer program that will perform the videographer’s work much better and for free.

This technology doesn’t require using of different sensors and detectors, as all processes are occurring in computer, basing on already footage materials. This technology is ideal for mostly kinds of team sports, such as football, basketball, hockey, five-a-side football, handball or beach football.

Who can use this technology?

* Game organizers and participants
* Parents of children athletes
* And even professional teams

To complete the development and testing the technology, we need the help of programmers. For this scope, we open a fund-raising. We will be glad to any help, and also we ask to share our project among your friends and relatives.

Let’s do shooting afford to everyone!