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Hello, Thank you for looking.
We could use a break. In April 2016 we loaded up and moved to Florida for my health and to be near my elderly father who is doing poorly. I was only able to see him once every 3 or 4 years and his health is declining rapidly. I needed to be close to him so I could spend time with him before he leaves this world. 🙁

We have been unable to find a job close to home and the nearest larger city is Ocala and is about 36 miles away. My husband is a hard worker and has excellent references so once I can get him to the city finding a job shouldn’t be too hard. No public transportation is available. Ubers are hard to find. Taxi’s can be very expensive. We are in need of a vehicle so my husband can work in Ocala.

I am the only driver (husband never licensed) so I am looking for something with lower mileage as I would be making 4 trips a day to Ocala to take him and pick him up from work. That is over 140 a miles a day we’d be putting on a vehicle. I have also been trying to find a part time job close to home and have applied to every single posting that I see. No luck. Even then I would have to pay a taxi to get there and back and at a part time job the first two hours I work would go to taxi fare, which is fine if I could just get an interview and actually get a job.

I have a bad back and other medical issues myself so I would love to be able to get a vehicle that does not sit too close to the ground. Too much bending and then I am in misery. I am not looking for a brand new vehicle. Just something lower in mileage that would last a couple of years, easy to get into and out of, runs and doesn’t need work to get it running. I would like to pay cash for vehicle, tags, and insurance up for at least 6 months.

Any donation at all would be appreciated and mean the world to us, as it would help us by helping my husband find gainful employment. Also would help my father by allowing us to visit more often and allow me to take him to appointments as he is unable to drive himself more and more.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.