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Autism Spectrum Disorder Autistic Boy needs Hearing Aids GoFundMe

My name is Cavelle Parry, I am the mother of the little boy name Mckhai , I  started off raising money for my son’s  hearing aid.  He is still needing other sensory equipment’s and devices.

Every dollar contributed gets him closer to receiving these missing pieces to enhance his development.

My little boy has been diagnosed with  Autism Spectrum Disorder October 2017.

Children with ASD display the following characteristics: repetitive behaviors with limited interests and activities, ongoing social problems such as communication difficulty, and traits that hinder the individual from performing well in school.

He was born deaf in one ear, but we managed as best as we could until now, it is getting more difficult for him to stay focus as one ear is doing all the work and its very exhausting, frustrating and challenging at times.

So the audiologist has now recommended  hearing aids. I am trying to raise funds to help pay with the expense. we would really appreciate your help .

His therapist says the hearing aid and the other special equipments he need will help him better understand the world around him and interact with others easier and most importantly be able to detect possible dangers near and far such as a passing vehicle, A motorbike,  someone warning from his deaf side etc.

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