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To say I'm passionate about music, is an understatement.  Like many singers/rappers there was a time when all I dreamt about was a recording contract with a major record label. Fortunately, through my music journey I've come to realize my firey inspirations come through performing and writing great songs.  By changing the world through the voice I was given. Even if I only reach 3 out of 10 people by touching them through my music, is a feeling (as any true artist can attest) that is incomparable! I'm also convinced, if we have a gift/dream...we shouldn't wait for opportunities.  We should create our own.

As some of you are aware, I've been planning to release a project that represents who I am as a artist, where I come from, what kinds of trails and tribulations I have faced on my journey along with the uplifting roaring joyful experiences I have encountered.  In other words, I want to present a quality EP with my original songs.  I'm enlisting the talent of some amazing musicians and an equally fantastic producer.  I'm requesting your assistance,  while others have heard me on-stage, via social media. Your comments, likes, smiles & applause has served as encouragement for me to "stay the course" as an artist.  If it is within your budget, please extend your support for this project, through a contribution.  Any amount gets me a step closer to a professional EP, camera for my youtube channel, ITunes uploads. No amount is too small- $5.00 can make a huge difference.   All proceeds will be used to pay my producer, musicians, studio sessions, a videographer, a venue for the release party, CD's/covers, a website, business cards etc.

Here are a list of incentives.

$5 gets you your name as a contributor

* $25 gets your name plus iphone case with my logo (from the riseup tv store)

* $50 gets name plus t shirt with my logo (from the rise up tv store)

* $100 gets all of the above

* $200 and above is called the"sponsor level" where you get everything here plus 2 tickets to riseup or equivilent AND, above this you can get advertising campaigns done by our marketers that will will boost your busniess or anything that you are trying to promote.

Thanks in advance,  for your contribution.


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