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Ashley’s Maxillofacial Surgery

I am a 26 year old female who was born with a rare syndrome known as OFD-1 or Oral Facial Digital Syndrome Type 1. It affects my teeth, tongue, nose, fingers, toes, and scalp. I have severe TMJ. My jaws are misaligned and its very painful when I talk or eat.

I have suffered serious depression my entire life but still strive to better my situation. I have nasoseptal defect, bilateral temporomandibular joint disorder, anterior disk dislocation, maxillary hypopladia, AP and transverse discrepancy, and multiple missing teeth. I am needing to have orthognathic/Maxillofacial surgery to correct my jaw misalignment and various other facial defects. I pray this reaches thousands of people who feel touched enough to share my story or donate. Anything would be so very appreciated. Thanks for your time.


I still have a ways to go, but all the encouragement and donations have just meant the world to me. The fund are for both braces and the dental work that I will need to have done prior to being able to get my braces on. I have been trying to earn extra money for this by baking and selling items. I work at Ross, but that money goes to pay bills and school expenses. Thank you again to everyone that is donating and praying for me to reach this dream of mine, a dream of a smile.