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“When they arrived” – First person game with a storyline and a big open world. The main character Alan White is a former military man who was at war in Iraq, who received a lot of experience in the army, but after many injuries he decided to resign.

Many years have passed – Alan had his own business and was in to hunting. Once he decides to take his faithful friend, Doberman named Junior, to go hunting and stay at his deceased grandfather in the village called Brightwood where once was a sect called “Witnesses of the Second Coming”. In the evenings, Alan listened to the radio and once heard an announcement about strange objects moving towards the Earth. After the third news release it turned out that it was alien’s spaceships. Later on, they began to report that the enemy had attacked, the cities were being destroyed and thousands of people died. Alan decided that he did not have any reason to return home, and it is better to stay here and consolidate, find weapons and provisions to survive. Perhaps he will even manage to save the Earth…

What would you do in his place? But, perhaps, sometime in the future, theoretically, an invasion of aliens (if they exist) could occur.

What will they look like? For what purpose they are invading? – We will try to answer these and other questions in the game ”WHEN THEY ARRIVED”.