The Angina Pectoris Southeast Asian Tour 2017 FREE GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Kindly support our Southeast Asian tour schedules to make this possible in Nov until Dec 2017. Please pledge what you can and help us share this campaign. You are the ones that makes this happen. This a remarkable memories for your fellow music lovers in Asia, a kind of gift from you to them, too.

The Angina Pectoris’ Seven Year Itch (the damned 7th year) is another concept album with a thematic, that never dies and a cycle every mysterious 7th year, realistically happening to each and every one of us. So as this album will never fade; it’s going to mesmerize our memories while listening to each and every song as it will bring us to an unknown world, where we deeply can feel the scenarios in our life’s relationship. A hypnotizing-catchy-hooklines of melodies and choruses, transcending genre yet has classical arrangement of popular formula round it off and smoothly harmonize with The Angina Pectoris’ unconventional Gothic roots. Fragile, crystal clear baritone-vocals, then again that soulful melting timbre as the final icing, that’s the signature of charismatic vocalist Joelen Mingi.

A designated album fuel for mass compatibility that marks a majestic return to “The Angina Pectoris” innovative origins. Recalling the melancholic atmosphere of the band’s iconic and influencial debut album, only even better transformed in these days modern sounds, energetic, powerful drum grooves, throaty bass, the relentlessness of the guitar works shines on through “Seven Year Itch”.

An entrance ticket for a journey on the waves of dark poetic lyrics, melody and what it is in our hearts pumping. Life is in here!