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American Teen Beauty reality show GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

The idea behind American Teen Beauty is to present an opportunity for young at risk ladies from all over the nations to have better chance in our society. It’s time for us to get together is one to help our youth of today….

This reality show is like no other show out there. This would show our ladies that it so much better having a career then having a job and to also teach the girls the importance of preparing for the future and setting goals for themselves. The Show ” American Teen Beauty” Brings dynamic and action focus to a staple of society.

The show will benefit a lot of young ladies that are involved in it; They will be getting notice,
they would have a bigger change of their parents support them, They would have a opportunity to meet other young ladies like them-self. They would be learning a lot from the show also. The reason that I’m trying to start this project is because this is my life I been through so much as a kid and also is a teen. I starting writing a book about my life growing up as a kid.

The name is the book is growing up without love my family might get mad with this but it’s not about hurting anyone that I love it’s about me helping these young people of today. I was molested by someone that should’ve been there to protect me… “my life was so messed up” I had no one to talk to or to turn to for that mother and father love so I want out looking for something I should’ve got at home and that was love something that I never had from no one. I had nothing but bad relationship one after another.

I can go on with my life story I’m just trying to make a big difference in someone life that need it.