Abandoned by Husband of 28 years

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In a relationship for 38 years—high school sweet hearts (dated 10 years, married for 28 years).  Recently found out that he has been cheating with a former friend of mine for at least 5 years.  When I confronted him with the evidence, he became violent and made veil threats against my life.  I filed a domestic violence restraining order against him.  He took off and went to New York.  He canceled the credit cards that I had in common with him.  All the bank accounts are in his name only and I have no access to them.

In in the past, he told me that if we’re ever to divorce,he would not work so he couldn’t pay me alimony.  He is faking illness right now and is on disability and says he has no money although he just brought a boat.

Meanwhile I’m surving by returning things to the store for credit or cash.  In fact, cellphone service with Sprint is in danger of being cut off.  I owe them $200.

He continues to stalk me by violating the restraining order:

1.  Saturday some stole my iPhone 10 which I still owe over $600 and tried to change the number to the old number that I had on T-Mobile on a shared family plan with his half brother.  It’s obvious who had my phone stolen.  I reported the theft to the police and they put a watch order on my house.

2.  A few days prior to theft, he was controlling my air conditioner for my home remotely.  The house was like a sauna.

3.  Yesterday and today, he changed the WiFi password at the house so I could not connect to the internet.  He only changed it back when I announced to his family that I was calling the judges office to let the know that he is in violation of the restraining order.

Here is an excerpt of our last text conversation:


If you don’t get help, I’m afraid your going to end up dead like your mom having a heart attack or severe mental illness w/no way back like your brother.


Oh you’re threatening my life now?

The officer at the court instructed me to always have a working phone with me so I can call 911 if I am in danger.

My my car payment is due on Friday and I have many doctors appointments which I have co-payments.

I have many medical issue including general anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress, anemia, high blood pressure, arthritis, osteoarthritis in both knees…I can go on.

Meanwhile, I have declared indigent by the divorce court.  I filed a motion for emergency financial help as I am running out of things to return to the store.

Thanks in advance for any assistance that you can render me.

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