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my name is Richard. My wife and I have 8 kids. Right now we have been homeless for about a year. My family and I have been working extremely hard and found it not easy to find a place. We have been having a very hard time to find an  apartment or houses because of the amount of children. In Rhode Island, the  government services are not well supportive and helpful. My family has stuck in a shelter, and it’s morally vain. It’s very hard to live in a shelter that doesn’t give enough support for my family to find a place. I do have a job here, and I love my job, and I work very hard to watch my  my children grow. Unfortunately we don’t have a any get real place snice over 1 years, and we really want to get our own house. My wife and I really need all support and need your help to get us a home. We really need to raise money up to $100,000 for deposit bank loan, we can’t fully deposit the bank because we also have important needs that need to be taken care of, and we can only deposit half of the bank. We really want to see  my kids full with glee, and  live a new house. We don’t want to get stuck in  shelters for too long.I don’t want to see my children with a suffer and a vain childhood! I want them to grow happy and satisfied, and we desperately need  your help. Thank you so much for listening.