❤ Help Tamara and her kids start over from an abusive situation ❤

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://www.gofundme.com/9j3mvt-operation-help-tamara

My name is Tamara
“In an effort to give my kids a better life I am taking my kids out of a bad and abusive situation with a bad influence from my husband. This has been the toughest decision I’ve had to make but I am doing this for my kids. The toughest part is behind me (the decision to leave) but I’m at a point where I’m in need of financial help to do so. I am in risk of losing my means of transportation and my home. I need to get a place for me and my children to live. I hate having to come to this but I will do anything for my kids safety. If you have any funds to spare, please consider donating them to me and my kids. Every little bit will add up to help cover the payments and help me get my kids in a good place. Thank you and much love to you all! ❤️ Tamara”

Please give whatever you can. Thank you all!

Also me and my children send special prayers to the people of Texas and as soon as we can get on our feet we will be more than willing to help the relief for Texas as well. I have taught my children to be good people and we will pay it forward.

Please share and always be kind to one another. Violence is wrong and the worst thing that children have to grow up around.

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