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Zero Heroes Film Festival Run Kickstarter Viral Marketing

Our crowdfunding campaign was designed to raise funds to help send our short film, Zero Heroes, around the globe to different festivals. We want to see our film played in front of audiences so they might enjoy the hard work that we put into this project. In order to submit to festivals, we need funds.


We are using Kickstarter to help fund the festival run for our short film, Zero Heroes. We know that audiences will love our zany, crazy take on the gangster comedy, but we need help to send it around the country and the world. That’s why we decided to use Kickstarter. We believe that sponsors will help us in our endeavor. We are offering great rewards for our Kickstarter sponsors, and we hope everyone who donates will enjoy our film!

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To give a brief history of our film, we have to go back to Senior Year of college. We were just entering our final year and we needed to create a project for our Capstone. A Capstone is a final, cumulative endeavor which showcases specific talents or skills necessary for success in the field you hope to enter. Our field is film and video so we decided to make a short film. We brainstormed for several weeks and it was decided that David Hilbun and Lee Sammons would write and direct the project based on a story which Lee wrote several semesters earlier.