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Weight Loss Skin Removal Surgery

September of 2016 I started a weight loss journey that I started off not believing I could accomplish. I started at 280 pounds and was so horribly depressed by my body and how my weight held me back from doing enjoyable things. I cut calories, exercise and with extremely hard work dropped down to 160 pounds. I had no help of weight loss surgery like most people who lose this much weight.

As an effect of being overweight for most of my life my skin did not have the elasticity to go back to where it should. Most of the extra skin I can live with but every day tasks like zipping jeans I now have to be careful of the access stomach skin not to zip it up and it is very uncomfortable tucking it into my clothing to keep it stationary.

I also have started getting belly button infections from the skin now hanging on my stomach not allowing my belly button to properly vent. I am not looking into a full tummy tuck just access skin removal to improve my way of life. Any help is greatly appreciated and god bless!