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Walker Family Support GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

We are a large Family from Canada. Myself and My Husband and our Eight Children.

Recently, I was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease due to a brain injury; there has been frontal lobe damage to the left side of my brain. Since this is the primary control center of the brain, this means that I’ll be unable to support my family since I’ll be unable to work. It also means that I’ll probably develop a personality disorder that may prohibit me from working outside the home.

My purpose to crowdfund is to raise funds to support my family, as we transition to the unknown. We started to be able to provide support for my family when this brain injury prohibits me from working outside the home. Life is beautiful. I want to fulfill my dream of sharing, creating, and navigating through this beautiful life by means of the pictures I’ve amassed, and I want to enable others to do the same.

Sharing my art will enable me to address another issue that has become important to me. The prospect of changing minds about physical and mental disabilities would be a wonderful positive benefit of Walkersnaps. Sometimes, we find ourselves in a circumstance that is not necessarily our preference. In order to remain positive and productive, we must develop coping skills that enable us to make the best of the situation.

It would not have been any of my choices to develop a personality disorder or a degenerative brain disease due to frontal lobe damage to my brain. However, that is what has happened and I’m determined to make the best of my situation. Changing minds about changing what might seem to be a hopeless situation is a great encouragement to me and helps me to make some sense of what has happened to me. Whatever happens to us, we can put a positive spin on it if we choose to do so.

Although my situation might seem hopeless to others, I’m determined to develop the necessary coping skills and fight it to the very end. I may lose my cognitive skills and undergo a personality change, but I’m still going to be an inspiration to others and remain my happy, sarcastic, and unpredictable self! I want to inspire others to do the same when they are faced with difficulties that may seem insurmountable.

In Exchange of your donation, I want to provide my images to you to use as you wish. The pictures are free to use, if you want to edit them to use in creating and photo sharing your own memories.

Whether you’re male or female, an amateur photographer, a blogger, an aspiring artist, or just like to have fun with artwork, I welcome you to peruse my extensive database of imagery; I’m sure you’ll find inspiration within my website. My collection will continue to expand as long as I’m able to expand it.

This will help me to provide for my family and will provide peace of mind for me knowing that they are taken care of financially.

Remember, life is beautiful and we should enjoy it! Create your own visual memories and have fun, keep fighting when you encounter obstacles, and love the life you’ve been given!

Thank You So Much for Your Support!