Campaign URL or Website URL : https://ifundwomen.com/projects/waken-woman-luxury-perfume

I am seeking funding to help further expand my luxury perfume line that I have designed over the past two years called “Waken Woman”. This perfume line was designed to help change the perfume and fashion industry, by not exploiting women and girls in it’s marketing and ad campaigns. My desire is to inspire women and girls to be all that they can be and do all that they can, with dignity and respect. Included in pre-ordered each box is a key ring of solidarity to be a sign so that women can have something to help bind them togeter worldwide as they stand up for equality and equal treatment for all women. With each pre-ordered box sold, $30.00 will be set aside for Fibromyalgia awareness, which is a chronic pain and illness that is experienced by 6 to 12 million women in the United States. To have 6 to 12 million women in chronic pain is a lot of people yet, many people have never heard of Fibromyalgia before. These women suffer in great pain and many in solitude because many people believe their story of being in such great pain. So they suffer in silence, alone, and misunderstood. Please click on the link and read about the entire campaign, and help sponsor this effort and call for a worldwide change for women and girls worldwide. Again, this is a request for funding for a luxury perfume line, that’s purpose is to work for a cause.