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Vietnam Vet Harry S. Curtiss Needs Emergency Roof Repair GoFundME Viral Exposure Campaign

This my Uncle Harry S. Curtiss. He is a formal Vietnam vet that needs America’s help back! Uncle Harry is widowed and has been working all his life to support a daughter that is mentally disabled and also has 3 dog’s that he has to look after.

Uncle Harry is 71 year’s old and to me I think and know that it’s time for him to live at his own house that is paid for and live on his retirement for the rest of his day’s.

He need’s a new roof for his is falling in on certain places, plus the floor is concrete and needs to be finished. he has some places that need sheetrock also.

This is what the money is and will be used for

This GoFundME campaign is to help my Uncle Harry to gain enough money to accomplish doing his roof, floors, and wall’s. He is 71 years of age and is also widowed.

So him being a vietnam vet, I just feel it’s time for America to help one of those who helped us to have our freedom in the United States.

Please find it in your heart to think if this was my family, what would I do????????????