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— So what is Videemo?

Videemo is a new concept in social interactions. This app will allow the user to get more out of their social time through a two or more sided conversation using video threads.

Instead of writing a text post response, you shoot a small response video and it posts just like a text post.

— How did Videemo Come About?

My name is Nick Hanks and Videemo is a concept I came up with. The word is actually a mash up of two words: Video and emotion.

— How can Videemo benefit you?

Have you ever had a misunderstanding on one of your social media accounts? Why does this happen?

The answer is social networks lack emotion. When we talk to people in person (or in this case, when we can see them on a video) we can get the full sense of what they are saying through facial cues, vocal tones and body language.

In fact, I researched all the video social interraction apps and I realized something.

They all lack these human elements.

Instead of the same old text communication, it is a real experience.

Introducing Videemo!

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