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I lost my mom a few years ago to cervical cancer and I am very blessed to have had such a phenomenal person in my life.

She raised me with a lot of love, always on my side, loved animals, amazing self taught cook, enjoyed spooky movies, Aaron Neville fan, liked going to flea markets, not too crazy about cold weather or spiders, prefered knowing to surprises and prayed everyday for her family.

My mom’s name was Victoria Diane Bruce.

When she got sick I could no longer give her a hug because it caused her too much pain. I would hear her screaming for it to end when she didn’t realize that I was there. I helplessly watched it tear her apart everyday for 7 months. She fought in hospice care for about a month and the last two weeks she no longer recognized her own son.

My mom was my family, best friend and most important person in my life.

I moved away when she died in a failed attempt to run from my grief. Things have been pretty rough since then.

I am looking to relocate back to where I’m from in South Florida.  I need money so I can get my car serviced, brakes, tires, travel, transfering out of state registration and insurance. I also need funds for finding a place to rent, food and living expenses. At least enough to give me a chance to find a job and get back on my feet. It would also give me the opportunity to take care of my mom’s ashes that I have kept since she died on January 28 2011.

I need help soon or I will be homeless. I have previously tried to raise funds, but I do not have anyone to turn to. So I am currently just about out of time.

I am eternally grateful to anyone who is willing and able to lend a hand.  You would essentially be saving me.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

My mom’s name was Victoria Diane Bruce.


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