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Trying to restore a old pc FREE GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

dear everyone! please could i have some of your help im trying to finish my project on rebuilding a old pc tower i have i dont have a lot of money but i plain to do great things with it when its finish thanks to anyone who will help out anythink will help 🙂

info about me- im 15 years of age i have a great passion for technology i repairing laptops and i would love to finish this build will get me on my feet for the future so one this custom build is done my future start with PC’s
i would like my future to be about PC’s fix them for the best and cheapest price and to sell high graphic gaming PC’S and to sell affordable one for parent’s who cant afford they child a gaming PC i was once there i would love my future to go off with a bang! im home schooled i went to high school for a peroid of time and i got bullyed because i had high grade’s i because i wanted to learn stuff so because i went to high school i loved computer’s so i left high school and go back to home schooling and this is what i want to do with my future is to build custom PC’S and refurbish computers for parent’s who cant afford them thank you for taking you time to read this!

Parts i’m trying to get

-msi 970 motherboard

-msi 970 graphics

-new tower case

-i5 quad core


-500 power box

-leds rgb lights

-8 or 16 gb ram

any other little bits