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Treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma

Treatment for Hodgkin lymphomaThanks everyone. We have received 615000 Naria so far. God will surely bless you all for your kindness. Please continue to donate to reach our target to help this young man, no amount is too small. God will never leave you too. Amen

Treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma


Please help to save this young man.

He started having pains in his hand and a small boil at the side of his neck. we thought it was pimple and will go away.

Soon he begin to have pains, we took him to the hosptal in Lagos Nigeria where he was diagnosed with Neurofibroma type 1.

In 2011 with so much pains he was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with Neurofibroma type 2 and a surgical excision was attemted in 14 of july 2011 and failed.

After that a CT scan of the neck shows anterior neck mass that is prominently on the left. The mass is bulky, lobulated and has septal enhancement. The mass extend superiorly to the angle of the mandible with intra-thoracic extension. The dianosis is Hodgkin Lymphoma.

He has been refer to neck Surgeon/oncologist in Vickram hospital bangalore indian

The hospital in India has accepted to treat him, the cost is £17000 for 8 months treatments for operation, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Intra Ops findings were

1. Massive Neurofibroma mass extending from the posterior triangle to anterior triangle of the neck with adherence of mass to platyna muscle and Subclavian Vein.

2. Attempt at complete excision was made, but patient bled profusely and had to be transfused with 10 units of blood to sustain him.

3. The wound was packed after bleeding had been stopped

4. He subsequently had a second surgery where the pack was removed and wound was closed

5. He was discharged on 30th of July, 2011

6. At review in the clinic, he was noted to have residual neurologic deficit with winged scapula on the left side.

7. He is being followed up with regular physiotherapy a will require assessment as to the possibility of a repeat surgery

Everyday his mother crys, looking for people to help her son for the treatment, we all are afriad not to lose this wonderful young man. No matter the amount, every little helps.

Please everyone out there, to please, please help to save his life. The money will be used for his hospital treatment in indian and a treatment video will be uploaded. you can see his current video at . youtube:

Thank you so much for being so kind and God will be kind and helper to you too for being this young man helper.