Tonya Hawkins McCullough Estate Horses and Dogs GoFundME ViralExposure Booster Campaign

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We have retired horses here, a few riding horses and ponies. We have dogs, some who are life long friends that will be here until they pass. We have some that will be up for a new life with new people, new home of their own. This is a new adventure for all here.

We have regular jobs and are busy making things better here as well. You all are invited to enjoy the pictures of the animals we have. Also to inquire about maybe a dog you see. Dogs are up for adoption. Horses are Not for sale, Not for adoption. We are in the learning process of a 501c3, for now the concentration is on the care of the animals and our disabled family members. Our Mission is to Love the ones we have Honor the ones that have passed and Help the ones we can.

Rozlyn McCullough passed away leaving her husband and animals. Gary is being taken care of by myself and my family. We also care for the animals. The horses and dogs that are on the property. I need to upgrade some of the structures and fences on the property for the safety and security of the animals.

Only asking for a small amount to get the repairs started and keep things going.

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