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Today I need your help GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Today I face everyone’s biggest fear of struggle. Across the world we have homeless and sick people all over. My situation is so much less than that.

But I’ve come to the point we’re I don’t know what to do. Iam 29 years old and I e been on my own since I was 16 at age 18 I got pregnant with my first daughter I took full responsibility I went to college and got my degree in medical Assistant I work full time at Lehigh Valley Hospital and I love my job helping sick people smile when need or just listening becuz they have no one at home.

My life continued with a struggle of my mothers heroin addiction and them my grandfathers stroke to my brothers addiction that lead to suicide. He was my best friend I raised my brothers they are identical twins. He could handle the fact he messed up in life and very little help behind him as I tried everything.

Today one year ago I look back and I’ll never forget the day I help my brother in my arms praying he would wake up. It was my worst nightmare. Today I suffer from depression worst than ever due to this but I continue to live my life I have lost a lot but gain nothing.

I don’t have mom or dad to run to. I fell behind on my car payment I have been financing with this bank for 8 plus years this is my second car always paid on time. I had called to arrange a Payment and was denied a htbi g unless I could pay total amount in full. I dont have money saved I make brought to pay my bills and support my two children. The next day of morning I received a call 3:30am Mrs Peterson would u like to get anything out of your car.

I just collapsed why me what have I done why can’t I just get there. My car was repoed. My credit score is low due to medical bills and being late these past two months on my car the only way I can get a car that I can afford is a down payment of 4,000$ Ive cried I’ve begged and no one except a few friends have donated to my campaign.

I need a car to get to work to get my kids to and from school doctor apt everything in life I don’t have family to fall back on. I have never asked anyone for help in my life until today. This is me asking the world to please help me get a car I can’t let everything h I e worked so hard for fall apart.

Today I smile inside it hurts I so t give up. Please make this happen for me everything counts.