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To the Edge of the World and Back GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

This is a bit unorthodox but its the only chance we have. So we must at least try. These funds will be used for two best friends and their adventure of a life time.

We are both hard working individuals that devote our time and energy into friends and family. This trip will be a last hurrah between friends before I devote my time and energy into my own little family.

Jason has devoted his time and energy into his beautiful boy already and I want to have that same passion and energy into my family when I begin mine (any day now).

It has always been a dream of ours to experience space and fly in a fighter jet. This is very expensive to do and is nearly impossible for two average guys. Especially two guys with families that depend on us. If you’ve ever tried to save for a trip you’ll know how hard it truly is.

This is why we decided to turn to you guys. To the generous people that want to make dreams come true. To give us the chance to live our dream in real life and not just hope and pray that some day we will win the lottery.

We have come realize to have this much money all at once is tough and to save it over a long term is nearly impossible. With a family there is always something that comes up that takes away from the dream trip savings. This fund will be to fly me and my friend Jason to Russia and experience this.

A flight into the outer atmosphere and to experience something that only few get to experience. To give us that one big dream experience that we can talk about while we raise our kids and live out our days as family men. I feel if you need to have a dream make it a big one.

We only need 6000 people to contribute $10 to achieve this goal. If you can contribute more it is welcomed of course. We only ask for $10. Every single person that contributes will get a thank you as well as a link to the video tour of our trip. For those that contribute $100 you will get a personal thank you video from our families. For thats that donate $1000 I will personally come to your place and give you a gigantic hug. Any help is appreciated.

Jason and Andrew