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Tiny Iceland – Icelandic Dairy Bar GoFundME Boost CrowdFunding Campaign

Hi, my name is Rosa and I am Icelandic. I have spent the 12 months working on getting my work visa to fulfill my dream and live in the united states. I fell in love with Austin, TX 4 years ago and it has been my dream to live and work here ever since. It took me 1 year on my own without a lawyer to apply for the O1A work visa, which is very very hard to get, luckily I got approved in november 2018, so my 3 year old son and I moved here in December to start our new journey in Texas.

I wanted to share my culture with Texas. So I started a business called Tiny Iceland, which will serve ice cream and Icelandic Skyr which is an internationally known dairy product similar to greek yogurt but healthier and better for our bodies. It is lower in sugar than most yogurt products, higher in protein and full of vitamins. We will offer a small menu of skyr servings.

For example, plain skyr, skyr smoothies, fruit platters with skyr, pancakes with skyr , skyr cakes and sandwiches with skyr dressings.