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The Pack – Don’t let them find you IndieGoGo Campaign

Help make this happen. A horror film bringing back classic monsters in the style of “The Breakfast Club” meets “The Lost Boys” with “The Night Stalker” mixed in. Written by an award winning screenwriter this looks at how modern day students will face a true evil when it comes looking for them. We can make this work!


Leading up to The Pack

For the past several years I’ve been making short films and documentaries through Public Access Television Channel 18 in Iowa City, Iowa. My work has been distributed though a website, PegMedia, to more than 60 public access TV stations around the US and even one in South Africa. Through FilmFreeway I have entered dozens of festivals around the world and have had entries chosen and shown in the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Canada, Brazil, and several locations across the United States. A pilot script I wrote for a TV series has also been getting noticed.

In 2017 it won third place at the Los Angeles Screenplay Contest and second place at the California Film Film Awards. Just a few weeks ago it won Gold Level at the 2018 Hollywood Screenplay Contest. All this I’ve done working completely on a volunteer basis with very small casts and, maybe, two crew members.

This film, “The Burning Room” is one of the films I’ve done and is heavily influenced by the classic “The Twilight Zone.”

Imagine what I could do with a full cast and crew.  After looking at several ideas I settled on the story of “The Pack.”  One reason is a mainstay of film making since the early days of celluloid is the appeal of horror films. The second, from a mythology that began centuries before films and even Dracula himself, is the fascination with vampires. For more details on the origin of this particular story and even a specially designed trailer for this film take a look a the introductory video. You can find the rest of my work by searching for Bill Albert on

These aren’t your father’s vampires.

A review of the script called it a cross between “The Breakfast Club” and “The Lost Boys.”   I personally like to think of it as having a bit of the classic series “The Night Stalker” and “The Twilight Zone” mixed in The goal was to bring them into familiar territory to create the feeling that they could be waiting outside your window or in some dark alley. There was also the goal of avoiding stereo types and giving the vampires some new, yet still familiar, powers and connections. These are the horrific undead flesh eaters of legend and not sexy teen vampires in love.  By making this film happen you will be reintroduce viewers to the things that go bump in the night and give you nightmares.

Where will the money go?

  • We knew from the start we were definitely going to need something horrible. Something frightening to keep you on the edge of your seat.  Something you would not want waiting for you in a dark alley. To do that we are going to need a professional artist who has already established herself with a successful carrier. Cheryl Bean’s work is always first class and she has already worked with us on productions including “It’s Not Easy Being A Zombie.”


  • A full crew of professional artists working behind the camera. At this point I have a producer, editor, music composer, make up artist,  script supervisor, and several actress who are excited about this project. They are excited, loved the script, and want to do it if we can get the funding. This is the minimum cast and crew listing we would need to make this work. I don’t include a director or executive producer on this list as I will be taking over those positions myself.  More on that later.
  • Creature maker (1) –

    Make up (1) –

    Leading Roles (7) –

    Supporting roles (13) –

    Extra’s (10) –

    Morgue Victim’s (2) –

    Vampires (9) –

    Producer (1) –

    Script Supervisor (1) –

    Lighting Director (1) –

    Sound Director\Recorder (1) –

    Camera Operator (2) –

    Costumes (1) –

    Editor (1) –

  • Olivia Williams cast as Emily in “The Pack.” 
  • Ashlynn Dale cast as Ally in “The Pack.”

    Everybody involved with this production deserved to be treated professionally for their expertise.

    There are 30 speaking roles in the production, plus extras that we will need to make the environment work.

  • There are plenty of perks for donating to this projects including prints of artwork shown above done especially for this campaign signed by the artist, Amanda Patton.
  • We’ll be doing this in association with PATV channel 18 in Iowa City. This will allow us to save money on not having to buy and will be able to get state of the art equipment from a Public Access Station.
  • A very unique perk for this project is you can have one of the characters in the production named after you or someone you choose. These are not just any characters we’ll name after you. We will introduce them, get to know something about them, then kill them off.
  • For the really daring, the ultimate perk, come join us for shooting in Iowa City and become a vampire for one awesome night.
  • The only person who will not get a penny from your donations is me. Everything will go to putting this production together and distribution afterwards. I get $0.00.

Risks & Challenges

One of the things I’m excited about is that we’ve done lots of leg work to get this production together already. We have a script, a director, producer, editor, music composer, professional creature designer and several actors and actresses in place who have already committed to this project.  It isn’t just an idea. We will make this happen. The biggest challenge we have is getting together a cast and crew as large as we need to do this right. It will require lots of night footage and lots of extra hours. More than we can expect people to devote that much of their spare time to for free. We need to be able to cover their time and energy to make this happen right.  The next challenge we have is proper locations to shoot in. While much of this takes place in city streets or generic locations the heart of it needs to be in a used bookstore. In all fairness we can’t expect a business to open their door exclusively to us, even doing late night scenes, without offering them something in return.

Other Ways You Can Help

Location, location, location.  The perfect location for this story is a used book store. Something bit with lots of texture, tones, and shadows to shoot in.  There are some in Iowa City that we will contact but any suggestions outside the area would be gladly accepted.

Even if you are unable to donate money but would still like to help please RT this listing using Indiegogo’s share tools.

And that’s all there is to it.