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OUR MESSAGE In today’s world, it seems that many have some sort of mental condition or emotional issue that goes overlooked and is rarely discussed. Not everyone wants to admit that they are depressed, struggling with anxiety, or worse, using drugs as a way to cope with these issues.

“The Banshee,” incorporates all of the above with the Irish folklore of the omen of death in order to see deeper into the crumbling state of a mother desperately fighting to stay strong for the sake of her family. Which, ironically, ends up being her major flaw. Instead of taking the olive branch offered by loved ones and friends to pull her out of this downward spiral, she shuts out the world and convinces herself she is “doing just fine.”

Depression due to overwhelming grief is something that many can relate to, but not many looking from the outside in can fully understand. This story sheds light on that issue and takes you inside the mind of someone who is going through, in a manner of speaking, a personal hell, and strives to convey to the audience some of the telltale signs of mental strife. No one really knows what is going on “behind closed doors,” but there are certain behaviors that can hint that there is something much deeper at play.

Our main goal with this short film is to help our audience understand and take note of these issues that can lie very close beneath the surface. If, after seeing the film, you have someone in your life that may be exhibiting some of these behaviors, it is our hope that an effort is made to get them to open up before it becomes too late.

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