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I am doing this fundraiser because life has thrown a rough curve ball for someone I’m very close to who has been severely isolated for two decades and we’re in need of help to work it out.

I live in London, UK and have traveled back to the USA to assist a dear person who is like my second mom who just left a very long term domestic violence relationship. Jina has been living in this situation for many years and it has now escalated to the point where she had to leave. She relies on disability benefits, has only a disabled brother and terminally ill mother for support and will be relying on us and this fundraiser to be able to restart her life independently and safely. Jina has recently fled and now the work starts allowing us to be more public as the restraining orders have been issued. Initially we had to be very vague as she had not left the situation yet.

This situation is complex and will/has taken emotional, financial and physical tolls on everyone involved. Due to the nature of how these situations can manifest we have had little warning so everything is very expensive. Two of us have traveled, one from many states away in Illinois and myself from London. We need help for us to get there and back, lodging, etc, the survivor leaving the DV situation is in need of support from you all to start her life fresh and thrive. Any help you provide will go directly to assisting Jina, and us as her immediate safety support team, so as not be overwhelmed about the last minute financial aspect of this ordeal.

All funds are to support Jina who escaped her home and the two of us supporting. At this time we are unsure of the costs to come, there will be legal help needed but we are searching for grants to help with that and have so far secured a pro bono lawyer! There may be need for another fundraiser but at this time we are keeping it to getting her entirely removed from danger (her housing is still not completely safe and all safe houses in the area remain unavailable) as well as setting up a fresh start.
To date all of the donations that have come in have been used very carefully and have been such a life saver, helped to really take a lot of the pressure off and show her that she is supported by so many! Mom is able to stay somewhere for a short time whilst we wait for a safe house place but it is far from ideal. All the safe houses have very long waiting lists! Mom has very little things left as she could only take little so when she is able to find new housing she will need to buy mostly everything. This is a hard time and added to this her mother is very ill, adding to her vulnerability. All the support funds available are for single young mothers and as of yet we have not found any funds we can apply for, though we continue our search!
So it is that we turn to you all here and ask for help, every penny counts and any share is helpful, so whether you can give or share or both it is all much appreciated!!