Support My Mom’s Road to Recovery

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Deary friends, family and I are reaching out to all of you seeking help in order for us to raise the funds needed for my mom, Zenaida Mendoza’s on-going and long road to recovery. So far, my mom has been diagnosed with severe pneumonia plus diabetes mellitus and she is still undergoing further testing for any other illness.

Just a little bit about my mom. My min is hardworking, loving wife and an even better mother that will do whatever it takes for her kids. She is also a grandmother of 8, which my 3 y.o son has not met in person since my mom lives in the Philippines. Although, the thing that really stands out about her is she’s a very giving person who always goes out of her way to help everybody around her, family, friends and neighbors it does not matter to her. She just has a great heart.

We know this year has been difficult to everyone financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is why my family and I wrestled with this idea of starting a GoFundMe for my mom since we knew a lot of people are in need of help as well. At this point, with mounting medical expenses and a lot of uncertainty regarding her health we don’t know where else to turn to. Any type of support, financial, emotional and prayers are greatly appreciated by my family.