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Dear Supporters,

I am a student from Germany who is currently studying “International Financial Management” in the 2 semesters. During my studies, we have to complete a year abroad at one of our partner universities. Since I have always wanted to study at an American university, I decided to go to California State University in Fullerton. have already received the admission.The study abroad will begin in August 2017 and will end on June 2018.
I am currently financially able to combine the study fees and the cost of living expenses. From, of course, the cost of living in the US is higher than in Germany and I would like to see a lot of the country and the culture, I started this donation call. Some will now wonder why I’m not asking my family for assistance. This is quite simple, my parents are both full-time employees and have two professions each. They support my brother, who also studies and does not live with us, but alone and my parents pay our house. For this reason I do not want to burden my parents financially because of my dream. I would be very happy if there are people out there who support others and realize their dreams. I thank you in advance for each donation