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–  The Industry:
StrEAT GPS will focus on Food trucks, Food carts and food stands – The Street food vendor industry -.
Blog from on Sept 24, 2017: “While the restaurant industry has steadily climbed at a yearly growth of roughly 2 percent in recent years, the food truck sector has skyrocketed, growing at an annual 7.9 percent over the past five years. With at least 4,000 trucks throughout the U.S., food trucks are one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry. Although coastal cities and college towns currently attract the most trucks, market researchers predict food truck demand to start expanding further into the suburbs in the coming years, so there should be plenty of hungry patrons to go around.” (see here)

– The Problem:
#1.- On a regular day or night, most of consumers don’t know where or at what time to find street food vendors. Sometimes they decide  to drive around until they find one, but they don’t even know if they will have the food that they are craving at that moment.
#2.- Vendors want to sell more, and to sell more they need more clients. They get their clients mostly because of the spot they are in, or word of mouth, and if they are good then customers will go back. But what about all the other potential customers? Vendors are not being entirely exposed to the public. Street food vendors often are at different spots during the day, or during the week, making it even more difficult.

– The Solution:
StrEAT GPS”. It is  an app that consists of an innovative platform with dynamic features with which users will be able to connect. It will greatly increase exposure of street food vendors. This will minimize risk of losing a potential customer. Customers will be able to find street food vendors near them.

– The Competition:
There are some other similar concepts of apps, but they are not exactly the same. We are sure this app will be the most efficient and best rated app in its industry. We do frequent follow ups on potential competitors to make sure that we are not at risk by investing time and money into this.

– The business:
My brother and I founded Bellatek Apps LLC, which is the entity that owns StrEAT GPS. We have a team of developers working with us, while my brother, my sister in law and I work on all other company areas such as management, finance, marketing, legal, R&D and operations.

– The Funds:
I have already put $10,000 from my own pocket into this. Unfortunately this will not be enough to cover for the app development and the launching campaign expenses. We have created a projection on expenses related to the launching campaign and we are close to -$30,000.

– The expenses:
Most of the $30,000 will go to Social Media Ads, some will be spent in physical marketing, some will be spent in getting access to important and relevant events to promote the app.

– The strategy: 
We will target one key area at a time because of the limited funds. The funds will be used through out the first month of launching the app. We wish we could launch the app in the entire US at the same time bu that would probably take from half to a million dollars. This is why we are trying to raise only $30k in funds, which is very low for a project of this magnitude. But by doing this correctly, we are sure it will be enough to jump start this.

– When is this needed?:
The app should be ready in approximately two months. But for marketing reasons, we need this at least 2 weeks before we put it on the market. So, ideally it would be Sept, 9th and at the latest by Sept 24th.

-About me:
My name is Bryan Alegre, I am from Peru and came to the US when I was 14. First, my family and I (7 total) lived in a campsite in Wisconsin for about 6 months, and then in a garage for about another 6 months in California. This was because our situation was extremely difficult. Fortunately, my mom and step father were then able to buy their 1st house and put my sisters, my brother and I back to school. They fought and struggled to provide us with food and education. In the process, I was able to learn about life and become a better person, acting with nobility, courage, honesty, entrepreneurship, passion, and love. I am now 31 and have a Bachelors in Entrepreneurship. Of course there is much more to this, but I am just mentioning a little bit of it, so that you know where I come from, that my experiences have shaped me into who I am today, and that I am completely determined to take this project afloat. And I want you to know that if this is successful, I will find out of ways to help people around the world.

– Why would you help us?:
I believe in continuing the ripple of good things. If there is something bad coming to me, then I let myself to be the end of it. But if there is a good thing, then I pass it along and I let multiply. I am sure that some of you will connect with what I am trying to say. In other words, help me do good by doing a good to me. I am sure there is a lot of people needing some type of help, and I will help them when I can. And I also know that there is people who can help me, and I will be immensely thankful for that. I want to succeed, and I am trying my best. I am working hard for this. Believe in me.

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