Spread the Gospel for $5/mo

Campaign URL or Website URL : https://donorbox.org/spread-the-gospel-for-5-mo

A different kind of Audio Visual Production – Combining platforms like TV with Inspiring Testimonials, Family Values & Spirituality gives viewers hope to achieve their dreams and you are directly sponsoring seeds for the next generation of Christians. Now more than ever our Youth and the World needs the message of the Gospel.

$5/mo. will enable us to:

* Reach 17+ countries
* Present inspirational testimonies of Grammy winners
* Bring the message of of the Gospel through professionals / Christian counseling.

The Need
* 1,106 Teenagers/Young Adults have an abortion every day in the US
* 2,750 Teenagers become the children of divorce on a daily basis in the US
* 1 out of 3 Young Adults are arrested for crimes by the age of 23