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Sponsor My Daughter Quinceañera Dream on GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

I am a need for your time and help for my daughter dream come true quinceañera please let me know anything about this thanks you God bless you. Is in January 28th 2017.. and i don’t have lots of money to pay for it please God bless

Please help me sponsor to make my quinceañera for January 28th cuz does tidal have a lot of money and my dad makes fun of me but I don’t live with my dad I live with my mom but my mom don’t work can you please help me I don’t ask for a lot I just want to have my dream come true and so my dad that my mom could do it by herself with other people helping her thank you and God bless you but I don’t not ask for a lot.

And my mom bought me my dress already but I still need my other stuff so can you please help me I beg you