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South Africa’s Coffin Assault / Fundrazr Boost IDIDIT Campaign Donors

Please help Rethabile, the #CoffinAssault victim

You may not recognize his name or even his face but you know him from the #CoffinAssault that took place in South Africa about two months ago.

We all felt the horror and outrage when Rethabile was abducted, forced into a coffin and doused with petrol by two excuses for humans who then threatened to burn him alive. His abductors have been arrested and are in jail awaiting trial and there’s satisfaction in knowing they will go to jail – but what of Rethabile? Already a poor man, he is now further damaged by this atrocity and he suffer the consequences for a long time.

It’s a new year, a time for starting afresh, so I’d like us to help him. A small donation from each of us will give him the respite and the means he needs to rebuild his life. If we all pitch in we can help make life a little easier and the future a little brighter for Rethabile. We can do that – please will you help?