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SHE’S ELECTRIC is a film proposal by Eye Films Limited, based on the novel of the same name by Nick Amies.

“Dropped by his long term girlfriend, Danny Jones and a group of likely lads search for the meaning of life, love, Lad-ism and ‘The One’ girl who can make a difference against a backdrop of nineties Britpop and Cool Britannia.”

With a sharp and witty retro-pop culture script, SHE’S ELECTRIC has immense break-out potential to entertain audiences around the world.

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Set against the backdrop of Nineties’ Cool Britannia, it will appeal to those old enough to know the difference between the Roses and the Seahorses and remember Oasis at Glastonbury; as well as appealing to a younger generation just uncovering the musical legacy of the Britpop era.

The money we raise will be used as film development funding and will allow us to purchase an exclusive option on the book, fund a scriptwriter, prepare materials such as photo stills and a dummy trailer.

It would also allow us to engage one of a number of production companies we have contacts with in the UK and US in order to create a preliminary budget, filming schedule and investment package; arrange Letters of Interest for distribution and also to engage the services of a professional casting director to approach acting talent.

*You can donate ANY amount of money you feel comfortable with, from £5 upwards. Give us a tenner or more and we’ll include you in the “Thanks” credits at the end of the film

**If you’re looking to donate £500 or more to this film development fund please get in touch with us to hear about the benefits we’re offering to high level development supporters.


Please  show your Support at

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