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SCARS (Sex Crime & Abuse Recovery Support) is a non profit project helping to support recovery of individuals in the aftermath of crimes of a sexual nature and/or abuse of any kind.

Whilst there are a great many 3rd sector organisations who work with survivors of childhood sexual exploitation or sexual violence and abuse, there are few with the specific remit of providing effective resolution the those who have suffered a traumatic reaction to the crime perpetrated against them or their families – this is often considered to be a medical issue, and waiting lists for people with poor mental health are very long, with effective resolutions rare.

SCARS aims to provide an effective resolution to the effects of posttraumatic stress, anxiety and depression for those who have been left in the emotional pain and distress that is often indicative of such crimes, which can be applied prior to medical intervention.

Using specialist methods of no-clinical social support, SCARS helps individuals on their pathway to recovery, by enabling them to grow through the trauma they are experiencing.

SCARS is free at point of contact, and we wish to build on our successes dealing with posttraumatic stress, by enabling greater access for potential service users, and

We are asking for £10,000 in order to build a website, and pay for the rent of a consultation room in Nottinghamshire for one year.

Having a consultation room within the building of a partner organisation, will enable those who are enduring the agony of posttraumatic stress to receive our service, in a comfortable, caring and discreet environment.

The procurement of a website with social media functionality and a self referral portal will be of great value to our work – it will enable accessibility, and also help us to get the message out to those who need us that we are here.

Our volunteer facilitators are all drawn from the ranks of the Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service, who have received specialist training and volunteered to assist SCARS by helping to support our service users.

(SCARS is a project run by Social Support Systems CIC, a not for profit social enterprise, which is managed by 3 fire-fighters. Our aims are simple – to help anyone enduring posttraumatic stress to have effective resolution, and happiness thereafter)