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Hello! My name is Ryan Roberts.
I am a full time student in a Masters program in Collegedale, TN (just outside of Chattanooga).
It has been my lifelong dream to become a pilot. I have the skills and the aptitude for the endeavour, but as a full-time graduate student, I lack the funds necessary to achieve this goal.

My goal is to become an FAA licensed Private Pilot within one year from now- by July, 2018.

The expenses that flight training incurs are broken down as follows.

Ground School: $150 (Shown in the video above).
Instructor: $1800
Aircraft Rental: $4000
Airman Medical Certificate: $100
Written Test: $150
FAA Checkride: $500
Total: $6700

Through careful and scrupulous planning, I hope to come in under this total amount.
If my training costs less than the calculated amount, I will pass the blessing along to another student pilot by giving them the remaining funds to help fund their flight education.

I will post updates of my flight training progress on this page as I progress.

Even if you cannot help financially, please help spread the word and share my campaign with family and friends.
Thank you for helping me fulfill my lifelong dream of taking to the skies and becoming a pilot!


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