Saving Dickey’s TC & Foundry BG During Covid-19

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Hey guys! My name is Amiyah and I am taking time during this disaster to help my older brother Andre and his business partner Loren save their local business. Andre is the most hardworking and dedicated man I have ever been around. He is a true inspiration to not only me but his community. Andre grew up in Flint, Michigan, and experienced many hardships that shaped him into the man he is today. This made Andre want to change the stereotypes he was brought up with so he started with a dream and turned it into reality. Andre not only supports his family and friends but creates a welcoming environment for his community. His journey started when he migrated from Flint to Gaylord Mi, from the time he got his hotel room to simply walking in a grocery store he was looked at differently because of the color of his skin. Even though there isn’t much diversity within Northern Michigan that never seemed to hold him back. Andre along with his business partner Loren opened up their first franchise, Dickeys BBQ in Traverse City, Michigan, May of 2017. Since then Andre and Loren were able to open another business in May of 2019, The Foundry Bar and Grill in East Jordan, Michigan. During these uncertain times of COVID-19 they have only been able to run takeout and delivery services. This has not only impacted sales but it has also impacted the number of employees at each restaurant. Due to the pandemic and lack of sales, I am asking for your guidance and support to help raise money to cover business expenses for my brother and Loren. No matter how little the donation we are thankful for every little bit.