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Since 1980 I have been doing God’s work by taking care of this 181/2 acres of old pasture that was an abandoned junkyard. That’s right I bought a junkyard .I looked past the junkyard and saw  beautiful trees ,deep rich topsoil to grow crops and create a small organic farm for all to enjoy. But first I had to deal with the  junk left by people when the town dump was closed .So with no help from anyone I hauled  750 tires thrown  all over-with trees growing threw the center of the tire rims all to the town dump Car interiors strewn everywhere 450 tons worth.-again to the town dump in my dumptruckvI then dug a pond with my dragline and cleared the understory-sticker bushes, fallen trees and underbrush.

I cleared some areas and planted xmas trees in small areas (healing them in) I’m getting tired people-I need your help I need to raise $40,000 before Dec 22,2016 to pay back taxes,liens penalty and attorneys fees or I lose my 36 year old organic farm project to my next door neighbor who paid $20,000 at the tax auction in June,2016 .

The 181/2 acres is assessed at $173,250. So the retail value is $250,500. It is my dream to raise organic crops on the farm Please Help me. When I can I will pay you back