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Save China From Cancer!

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China the dachshund has cancer
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Karen Federal
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China the Wonder Dog has been my constant companion for 13 years. Dachshunds have a very long lifespan and she acts just like a kid – running, jumping and playing with her toys. It’s just she and I in this big ol’ house. I call her my other heartbeat.

I never thought I would need to use GoFundMe but China had a cancerous tumor removed from her chest yesterday that was over a inch in diameter. It grew very fast. I have already paid $1,000 for the tumor to be removed. Aside from the surgery I have had to pay $5,00 for a biopsy, blood work, antibiotics, and pain meds, pathology, along with other costs such as boarding. Anyone who has a pet knows how expensive vet charges can be.

If China was a “lay around” dog that acted like she was old I would consider not going through this difficult process and making the very hard choice to let her go. But she is so full of life! She has very little gray hair and loves to play. Some dachshunds live up to 20 years of age!

I have taken animals to this vet for 32 years. She has given me hard news when I needed to hear it but she is very encouraged about China! The tumor does not appear to have metastasized and she believes a course of radiation or chemo could cure her if we start quickly and don’t delay.

Humbly I say to you that I have no more money and I have maxed out my credit to pay these expenses – hence me asking for donations. I don’the even know the exact amount the future expenses will be, I just didn’t want to ask for too much. If there are extra funds I will send to Charlotte Humane Society.

I hope you will consider making any donation, no matter how small to help me keep China alive.

Thanks with all my heart.