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Russell’s Dental Fund GoFundME Boost IDIDIT Campaign

After not brushing for quite some time my teeth have gotten rather brittle and have lost a lot of enamel.

This has led to cavities and quite a lot of pain. I now have four molars all with cavities that need to be repaired.

This will entail a root canal and a crown. The amount for each tooth is around 900 dollars so in total that will amount to around 3600 dollars.

Any money received shall go towards first those four molars and after that four front teeth that need to be removed and after that a partial denture to replace missing teeth.

This is urgent because the four molars can still be saved but if nothing is done soon they will have to be removed.

Their removal would leave me unable to eat properly so any donations toward the work will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time if you come across this and if you cannot donate please share and spread it around, thanks. I am trying hard to get work but it’s quite hard since i have not really held a job in years.